This Bucket
Means Business

Multi-purpose functionality, hygienic design and unmatched durability make the 5 Gallon Pail a smart investment for any operation.

A problem-solver,
however you use it

When you scale up a pail to hold 5 gallons of food and beverage ingredients, the pail becomes more than just a pail.
With its hygienic design and premium quality, durable materials, the Vikan 5 Gallon Pail is a multi-purpose powerhouse you’ll find yourself using everywhere.

Mix with
speed and ease

First, the 5 Gallon Pail is an ideal “mixing station”, where
you can mix ingredients stored in smaller Vikan
pails or in multiple 5 Gallon Pails.

  • Ideal for solid or liquid ingredients
  • Big enough to mix in, small enough for lifting and transport
  • Measurement markers inside for accurate measuring
  • Bottom handle and non-drip lip facilitate lifting and pouring
  • Hygienic design aids compliance with food safety regulations 

like never before

A 5-gallon capacity makes the 5 Gallon Pail a very useful storage solution for liquid or solid ingredients and mixtures.

  • Perfect size for storage
  • Save space by stacking 2 Pails on top of each other
  • Lid snaps securely in place for enhanced food safety
  • Transport straight to and from storage area
  • Safe storage thanks to hygienic design

Move more,
more easily

The 5 Gallon Pail is made to move, either by yourself or  with a colleague. Ergonomic design also makes pouring and cleaning easier, with less risk of mishaps or strain.

  • Dual handle system for carrying alone or with a colleague 
  • Two-person carrying facilitates carrying heavy loads
  • Large size lets you move more and save trips
  • Ergonomically designed for strain-free pouring
  • Colour coding ensures proper segregation

Clean safely
and effectively

The 5 Gallon Pail makes an ideal cleaning and disinfection station for all sorts of food-related tools and utensils.

  • Perfect size for cleaning most utensils
  • Wide at the top for easy access and manoeuvring
  • Easy to move around as needed
  • Large enough to leave utensils inside for disinfection
  • Designed for hygienic cleaning after use

Food safety
and hygienic design

To help you comply with food safety and quality requirements, Vikan developed the 5 Gallon Pail on the principles of hygienic design. 

This and all Vikan products meet all applicable EU and FDA standards. 

What is hygienic design?

  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Durable and well made
  • Smooth surface finish 
  • No acute internal angles
  • Food-safe materials
  • Fully tested and documented 

The quality and
durability you expect

Like all Vikan products, the 5 Gallon Pail is made from premium-quality, highly durable materials that are all approved for use in the food and beverages industry.

What is Vikan quality?

  • Long-lasting performance
  • No need to replace frequently – save money
  • Higher quality for greater compliance certainty
  • Less wear and tear
  • Less risk of foreign bodies (plastic fragments)

Available in 5 colours

Vikan‘s family of 
hygienic design pails


1.5 Gallon Pail - 56883
Lid for 1.5 Gallon Pail - 56893


5 Gallon Pail - 56923
Lid for 5 Gallon Pail - 56933


3 Gallon Pail - 56863
Lid for 3 Gallon Pail - 56873